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Welcome to CorfuSites.com

What is Corfusites.com

Corfusites.com is a web design and development company that operates in the area of:

  • Web site construction

  • Site upgrades and maintenance

  • Web site Promotion

  • General web and electronic services

We consider ourselves engineers in these fields and work in a similar fashion. That is why for us a website must be designed and constructed using the terms and conditions that apply to the real world.

We believe the Internet is more then a fancy advertising and entertainment tool. It is a world, imaginary but nevertheless existent, based on the same rules of any other society.

Keeping our standards is very crucial. We continuously research, learn and incorporate new experiences and best practices learned in the process.

What are we here for ?

  • We are here to help you build your business on the Web and deliver profit from it.

  • We are here to help you understand more about the whole process.

  • We are not to keep you in the dark, or do everything for you.

  • We believe in the major contribution of the owner. For us a good client is not just a happy one, it is a involved one.

  • By the end of the construction of your website, we want you to share our vision,

  • Be in a position to monitor, understand and communicate on the basis of your website

  • Finally, after considering all the facts, be able to request what suites your needs at any time.

We will make sure you become knowledgeable of the area soon. That is why most of our time is spent in explaining, in as much detail, what we are doing. That helps us too, as you are able to estimate the risks better and realize that your time and money are well spent.

Of course, that will always require your own personal interest.

We sincerely hope to be will be able to help you in your web venture,

With regards

The Corfusites.net team

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